… and finally

I’m very glad I studied this course, even if I depressed myself too much.  It might just be heightened awareness but it feels that climate change issues are becoming more frequently discussed in the media.  No doubt the flooding in the UK helped to bring the issue to front pages, but it seems that I do see articles on sea level rise, carbon capture, why not to frack etc quite frequently. Also, as I talk, write and email around the world I receive increasingly sympathetic feedback: most recently a correspondent mentioned the Wilkinson/Pickett book on Inequality “The Spirit Level” which makes some of the most necessary points.  I had not read it, but now have (together with its debunking rival “The Spirit Level Delusion”).

I was also heartened to listen to Ray Allen speak in Sheffield last week about making use of CO2 (CDU – carbon dioxide utilization).  He claims that it is thermodynamically feasible to create fuel (mainly CO) from CO2.

So my future intention is to keep talking about non-fossil energy, economic shrinkage (as opposed to growth), eating less meat and flying less.