So far, so depressing

Mid-way through week 7 (of 8) I reflect that I have learned a lot, mainly qualitative ideas and impressions.  The task of making the planet habitable for my grandchildren seems harder than ever.  Globally the necessary actions seem abundantly clear – reduce population, use much less fossil fuel, shrink the developed-world economies, act on several adaptation strategies ….  However the prospect of action – either in the developed or the developing world – seems remote.  The key question for the individual (e.g. me) is what is the most effective thing to do?  I have already bored my wife and several friends by starting discussions on climate change and its impact.  I publish articles pointing out the folly of growth and the burning of fossil fuels, but beyond this I feel helpless. I fear that things will have to get a lot worse – for a majority of individuals – before acceptance will win over denial (or simply inertia).


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