Thoughts on reaching the half-way point

The content is relentlessly general, but contains about one issue per week which I have not previously considered.  Several irritations persist: the huge numbers of similar postings in the discussion threads; the mind-numbing jingle at the beginning of each video; the difficulty of finding in formation again when you have finished viewing videos and reading web sites; the relentless hand-waving of the presenters; the feeling that one’s comments are not being read by anyone (and for the most part – why should they?); the frustration of not being able to quiz the lecturer face-to-face (or even email-to-email).  I am a staunch opponent of the lecture, but I begin to realise that there are some advantages to taking notes and challenging the lecturer!

On the positive side, I think that the end-of-week feedback videos are excellent.  They enable the team to recap important points in a viewer-friendly way.


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