Learning methodology

So far I have watched 3 (or is it 4) videos. The introductory music is already irritating me, as is the narrow range of hand gestures employed so frequently by Tim.

I am wondering about the best way to learn from all this on-screen stuff:  As with a lecture, I can understand the material presented in the videos and articles, but am not sure I will retain it for long.  Nor has my understanding been tested yet.  When I studied for my degree (many, many years ago) I reinforced my understanding of lecture and text-book material by taking notes (and, in the case of lectures) re-writing them afterwards.  I have seen no encouragement to take notes, but I have started to do so for myself.  The assimilation of difficult bits was helped as an undergraduate by discussion among my peers, and I suppose the discussion threads allow us to do this. I have read one or two useful comments, questions and answers.  I am less convinced about the utility of personal blogs (like the one I am writing now).  No-one else is likely to read it, so it’s only for me.  Should I use it as a form of note-taking? Or simply, as I am doing, as a way of remembering what it was like when my colleagues ask me whether learning by MOOC is any good?


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